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The NFL ( National Football Leauge) tries to protect the players. All players have to wear a helmet, once in a while there is helmet to helmet contact though but the player who did gets suspended. Players also have to wear shoulder pads and leg pads.

American Football is one of the best sports in my opinon. The first reason is it is a 17 game long season. Those games provide several times for a underdog to win a divison. Also it has a lot of players. So unlike other sports there are eleven players on the field so it is most likley to see more incredible plays.

Fun Facts

J.J Watt who weighs 300lbs can jump 6 feet high. Tom Brady(as shown too the right) has been named to 8 pro bowl teams . Odell Beckham JR got into the pro bowl in his first season. Peyton Mannings rookie season was 1998, he still plays.



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