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There were many accomplishments in football but the most know are the comebacks and super bowl wins.There was a game it was the bears and the cheifs.the cheifs were down 21 points on the fourth quarter and they one with the best come back that year.There was a catch with the the bills made by odell beckem Jr it was the game winning catch it was awsome.

In foot ball their are many rules you have to follow are the game will be unfair.You are not allowed to pull on someone shirt or the will be a penalty.You are not allowed to pull off anyone helment are you will get a 15 yard penalty.You are not allowed to slam people to the ground when you grab them or you can go back 15 yards or you can hurt the person.






The game was first made in the late 40s but it wasent played offical until the 70s. The game founder was a wealthy man named bob james.he was all so famous for coaching the chicgo bears.

In football you are supossed to wear gear to protect them selfs.In foot ball you have to wear helments to provent cuncussions and head truma.Football players are sopossed to wear shin guards and elbow wear to make sure when they get tackled they dont hurt them selves.Football players are supposed to wear a chest plate so when they get tackled to the floor it wont hert as much.


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