Football Stadium

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Cell Biology

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Football Stadium

A Cell is like a Football Stadium

Cell Membrane = Tickets- controls who can enter the stadium

Cytoskeleton = Stadium - stuctural support and keeps oval shape

Food Vacuole = Concession Stands-stores food and water

Mitochondria = Water and Gatorade-players make energy by drinking waterand gatorade

Nucleus = Head Coach-controls team and tells them what to do

Lysosomes = Custodians-cleans up garbage after games

Ribosomes = Players-make plays used to win

Flagella = Team Bus-transports players to different stadiums

Endoplasmic Reticulum = Quaterback - carries out the plays by passing the football

Glogi Apparatus = Runnerback- finished plays and scores points

By: Tori Gainey

Go Giants!


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