Football Saftey

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Football Saftey

Would you rather be really good and get injuries or be safe and be average?

Football Saftey

S= I will try to remember to follow the safety guidelines when playing footballM= I will know when I am succsessfull beacause I will feel good and not get hurt after footballA= Learn the safety procedures of playing football correctlyR= yes but I can not predict if someone else may not play correctlyT= For the rest of the season (ending 11/2015) or playoffs!

QuestionsIs football a safe sport? What does it do to your body?What does it do to your brain? Can you prevent injuries in football?



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Answers"Football can be a great sport to play or a pretty dangerous sport to play" I think it depends on how you play.“Other than injuries football really benefits the body. It improves the cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, and speed training” Other than being dangerous, fooball is a great sport for the body"Big hits to the head could cause concussions and if they are not treated it could damage your brain when you are an adult" Certin things you do in football can be pretty bad but if you play right you can avoid those injuriesThere are ways to prevent injuries when playing football that mostly involve following the original rules like wearing all the right gear, tackling head up, and beng prepared

"example" = a quoteexample = my opinion


Cael Porter


I have completed my goal and I relize that playing heads up is much more calm and relaxing


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