[2012] Bryan Hartman (2 Even): FOOTBALL REPORT

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[2012] Bryan Hartman (2 Even): FOOTBALL REPORT

this sport in unique because even thought there is lots of time where the clock stops, the time that the clock is moving, there is a lot going on and a lot of energy that is needed in that short time span. This sport interestes me because of how fast and skilled that game that it is today. This sport is very fun to watch. If i didnt play soccer, id be playing football.

The NFL is the highest level of football in a America. Back in the day, over 50 years ago, there was no super bowl, there was just the AFL and the NFL, chamionships which we still have today but instesad of going to the superbowl after the championship, you use to just win the AFL or the NFL and that was the end. The game has become faster, more skilled and better than it was back 50, 60 years ago.


For this sport you need a helmet, sholder pads, a mouth guard, cleats, a jesey, and gloves if you youd like.

The game is played at a very fast pase as you get higher in level. for the higher levels you need to have skill to beable to run past or around defenders, or stop the defenders. Every team has their own play book that is filled with lots and lots of different plays so that the other team doesnt stop you every time you try to rush or pass the ball.

People that participate in this sport are Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski

The benefits of this sport is that you get fit and strong from all the conditioning and excerses that you have to do for practice and in a game.

The Boston Herald says the Patriots have plenty of options to improve their offensive line. Success can be fleeting, says the Providence Journal. Old friend Joe Vellano is back with a futures contract. It’s going to be a long winter for Pats fans says the Attleboro Sun Chronicle.


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