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Football In Loveland

why there should be more people should play foootball in loveland.

Here are 10 reason why you should play football1 if you make it to the super bowl you go to florda.2 if you do not like hiting people or gettting hit you can play flag.3 you can make new friends.4 it a fun thing to do in your free time.5 some times you can miss school for a week!!!6 it can make you do better in schoool because you need good grades to play.7 you can also get in a collage for not a lot of money if you are a good player8 you dont have to be good to play football to becuase there are no try outs for some teams9 football also helps you stay health10 it FUN!!!!!!!!!

football first stared in1905 and the first person to pass the fottball was BardburyRobinsonIn 2003 indoor football was playedThe football game for xbox 360 ps3 ect.. is named after the best football coach ever John Madden


10 facts

fun facts

the home must have 36 footballs in outdoor football but indoor you need 24 footballs.A football weighs 14-15 ounces in the NFLsome footballs are marked K for the kicking game.

my footballl team in Flordafirst game we won but we lost the game after that one but we got 4th over all teams in the US!!!

football is my favortie sport because you get to hit people some times you can even miss to go to different places and if you go to thesuper bowl you go to Florda right by Disney World and be on TV!!!!!!



My thinking about football

There are some reason why I think that there should be more teams in loveland or even Colorado so plase think about playing football in coloradoBy Ethan Peterson


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