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Foods Project

There are many mistakes that people make in the kitchen that involve the cause of foodbourne illness. Ineadequate cooking can lead to bacteria surviving on food, and cross contamination can be also a major factor in getting an individual sick. Finally, the proper storage of food is also extrememly key in preventing bacteria and contaminates from growing on food.

Key Factors In Food Safety:

Pathogens And Foodbourne Illness

Commonly known as food poisoning, it is caused by consuming food or beverages that contain toxins, pathgens or parasites. Common symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, stomach cramps, headache and fever

Preventing Foodbourne Illness

There are common types of causes for foodbourne illnesses

Animals: Animals are a source of harmful micobes. Raw meat, poultry and fish can be a source of bacteria such as salmonella and ecoli. Everyone needs to eash their hands and sanitize kitchen materials when handling raw meat, poultry and fish Water: Untreated water from lakes, streams and rivers can be a source of harmful microbes. Some examples are Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Water used in food must be purified and safe to drink. People People can carry harmful microbes in their intestinal tract, such as salmonella. If hands are not washed well after using the toilet, these microbes can spread to anything the person touches. washing and sanitizing of hands is essential in keeping a clean worspace.

Peventing Foodbourne Illness: Inadequate Cooking:Often a thermometer is not used to check the internal temperature of cooked food. Foodbourne illness can also occur when leftover foods are not reheated to an internal temperature of at least 74 celsius. Checking the internal temperature and properly reheating foods helps kill bacteria.Cross Contamination: Can occur when dirty equipment or utensils are used to handle or prepare food. Cross contamination can also happen when the same cutting board that is used tprepare raw meat is used to prepare cooked or ready-to-eat foods. Use seperate cutting boards for every different type of food that is being used.Food Storage: keeping refrigerators and coolers at 4 degrees celsius or colder will help food from staying out of the danger zone where bacteria grows at its peak. Freezers must be kept at -18 degrees celsius. Also, follow the FIFO rule (First in, First out)



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