Foods Class(Modgett)

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Foods Class(Modgett)


*Icing, also called frosting in America, is a sweet often creamy glaze made of sugar with a liquid such as water or milk, that is often enriched with ingredients.*It is enriched with ingredients such as butter, egg whites, cream cheese, or flavorings and is used to cover or decorate baked goods.*Baked goods such as cakes or cookies.

Poured fondant is a cream confection used as a filling or coating for cakes, pastries, and candies or sweets

*Rolled fondant or fondant icing, "which is not the same material as poured fondant," is commonly used to decorate wedding cakes.

Cake decorating is one of the sugar arts that uses icing or frosting and other edible decorative elements to make otherwise plain cakes more visually interesting. Alternatively, cakes can be molded and sculpted to resemble three-dimensional persons, places and things.

*Butter cream (also known as buttercream, butter icing or mock cream) is a type of icing used inside cakes, as a coating, and as decoration.*It is made by creaming butter with powdered sugar, although other fats can be used, such as margarine.

Types of Buttercream:*Simple Buttercream*Decorator's Buttercream*Meringue Type Buttercream*French Buttercream*Pastry Crean-Type Buttercream








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