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Types of food and drink varied according to wealth.Meat was a sign of wealth for quite some time until advances in agricultural technology enabled faster production.


Food visuals were also a very important part of feasts and banquets. For this reason cooks in the Elizabethan era had to not only be able to cook well, but they also had to be able to design eye-catching presentations to draw attention to their food.

The poor quality of water led many to look for alternatives for something to drink. Alcoholic beverages like ale, mead, and beer were quite popular in the Elizabethan era. Consumption of low-alcohol beverages was estimated at a gallon per day per person

The utensils used in cooking resemble much of the same items we use to cook today. Their utensils were just made with different materials, like their baking pans which were made with a type of hardened pastry.Cooking methods used in the Elizabethan era included salting, roasting, smoking, baking, boiling, and frying food.

Ready cooked food was available in the market areas of many cities. Roasted meat, many types of pie, as well as other pastries were available for purchase. Communal ovens were also located in most villages. Many citizens could use these ovens at once to cook their food.


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