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“Meat that the plains hunted”By Libby and RachelDo you want to know what the plains Indians hunted? Well your at he right place, were going to tell you about all the animals the plains hunted. Here are some facts, first of all these are the animals they hunted, deer, elk, turkey, quail last but not least there main food… BUFFALO!!! Some meat was made into pemmican witch lasted for years. Blackfoot men usually hunted buffalo by driving them of a cliff or sticking them with a bow and arrow. The Blackfoot tribe was moving there villages often as the buffalo migrated. Last but not least buffalo blood was made into compact pudding. That’s all for now!Kalman, Bobbie. Life in a plains campTexas on February 2, 2012.

Great Plains Food

Did you know the Plains Native Americans had lots of favorite foods? We’re going to tell you about their favorite meat. The Plains Native Americans ate buffalo, elk, deer, rabbit, clam, salmon, duck, geese, turkeys, and even seal, whale, monkey, & snakes. How interesting is that! Who would’ve thought the plains people ate porcupine & snakes? Also, they ate a food called pemmican by drying buffalo meat and then pounding it into cakes. People could last on pemmican alone for weeks. I hope you learned a lot about the favorite foods the Plains people ate. Ask for Kids retreived on February 1st 2012Kalman, Bobbie Life in a Plains Camp

The Food the Plains People Ate

By Jacob & Case

“Wild Turnips”By Anja and Ella Today you will learn about wild turnips. Some Native Americans were farmers and grew some food such as wild turnips. A wild turnip has a flower like top, and in the ground is the part that the Native Americans ate. The wild turnips grew three inches under the ground so they put a lot of effort to get to the part that was edible. To do that they had to pull them out of the ground so they could eat the part that was edible. Thank you for reading this and we hope you learned some things about wild turnips. Manataka American Indian Council. Received on 1-25-12.


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