Food Web Ecology

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Food Web Ecology

We are "Detritivores". We get nutrition by eating organic substances, such as dead plant and / or vegetable matter, or animal waste. We are Primary or Secondary Consumers.

We are heterotrophic and "Carnivorous", consisting of secondary or tertiary consumers, who obtain nutrition by eating animals which eat plants and/or other animals.

We are "Primary Producers". We are autotrophs which convert energy from sun light to produce organic nutrients using chlorophyll. We also absorb nutrients from soil.


We are "Omnivorous" heterotrophic animals who eat other animals / consumers, or vegetation / producers for nutrition. We can be primary, secondary or tertiary consumers.

We are "Decomposers" We can be heterotrophic or autotrophic, either using sun light or absorbing dead plant and/or vegetable matter or orgainic waste for nutrition. In doing so, we break down organic matter and make the nutrients available for Producers.

We are heterotrophic "Herbivores" - known as Primary Consumers because of our vegetable diet

Within the food web, our diets specialise in insects ("insectivores"), plankton ("planktivores"), the blood of all consumers ("sanguivores"), nectar ("nectivores") and pollen ("palynivores"), the latter two being primary consumers.


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