Food Supply

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Food Supply

1) Americans spend $33 billion a year on diet and weight loss programs where some countries dont even have food.2) Between the years of 1958 and 1977 5 million people died from famine in Ethiopia.

Facts About Food Supply

Food Supply


Jessie Miles

Food is produced by farmers who grow food to sell to companies and people. The sole mission of the company is to make a profit. These farmers sell to places like Market Basket, and Hannaford.

People price their foods in grocery stores so that their prices are lower than the other stores. For example Market Basket has low prices but not as good of quality. Hannaford has better quality but worse prices. You have to choose whats more important to you.

Food is produced by farmers, sometimes they try to sell the products themselves. These are called farmers markets. Some people prefer farmers markets because they feel they are buying local, therefore helping the local economy.




The labels on food shows what is in the food, like ingrediants or other things. People with alergies will get to know if the product they are buying has what they are alergic to in it. This is usually advertised very openly to prevent lawsuits.

Farmers have began to produce organic products because there is a demand to be healthier in America. Some products have GMO's which makes the food look better but not necessairley better for your health

Product Management

We import things that we cant make here in America like sugar. We know that we need these things by surveying what people buy in America. Or if you cant make the food in your state it is imported fom another state in America.

Market Planning

Info. Management

Another way pricing works in grocery stores is when the product is in season then the price will go down. If it is out of season then the price will be higher.



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