Food Safety

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Food Safety

Food Safety

By, Jaime Kianka


- Infants and young children- Elderly- People who have a chronic illness- People with AIDS- People receiving immune system suppressing drugs

Who is most at risk?

NauseaAbdominal CrampsVomitingDiarrheaFever (but not always)

Microbes that cause foodborne illness:



Conditions that help microbes multiply:

Common Symptoms:

Ways to prevent foodborne illness:

Temperature - microbes can cause disease between 40 degrees F and 140 degrees F Humidity - microbes require a high level of moistureAcidity - microbes are most efficient in their preferred pH rangeOxygen Content - some microbes require oxygen to function

- Wash hands, utensils, and cooking surfaces before and after handling food- Be careful not to cross-contaminate foods- Refigerate foods at or below 40 degrees F- Freeze foods at or below 0 degrees F- Cook all meats thoroughly


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