Food in the Philippines

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Food in the Philippines

Food in the Philippines

~The Philippines is a Chrsitian nation because the Spanish ruled the Philippines.~80% is Roman Catholic, 5% are Muslim.~The main industries are clothing and electronic products.~Average life expectancy is 71 years, males is 69 years, females is 75.~ There are a range of climates: tropical rainforest, tropical savanna, tropical monsoon, or humid subtropical.

5 Facts on the Philippines

~The average person eats 5 meals a day.~80% of Filipino dishes are derived from Spanish cooking.~Chinese introduced some dishes to the Philippines, such as pansit noodles and bead curds.~Filipinos use rice as a foundation for most dishes.~Filipino meals are capped off desserts, either using fresh, local produce or modeled after Western desserts.

5 Facts on Filipino Food

5 Important Physical Features

~Mount Apo (tallest mountain in the Philippines).~Mayon Volcano (has erupted 47 times).~Chocolate Hills (consists of 1268 cone-like hills).~Lake Sebu (popular on tourism).~Catanduanes Islands (located in the Bicol region).

~Located between 4 degrees and 21 degrees North latitude. ~Between 116 degrees and 127 degrees East longitude.~The country is part of the East Indies, lies at the western rim of the Pacific Ocean, and fronts the southernmost part of the Eurasian continent.~South China Sea is to the North, the Sulu Sea is at the West, and the Philippines Sea is to the East.~The capital is Manila.

Absolute Location

grunt fish


bean curds



Manila, the capitol

Mayon volcano

Choclate Hills

Manila Bay

Mount Apo

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