Food in Spain

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Food in Spain

Food in Spain

Paella is a main dish that you'll definitely come across in Spain. It is rice cooked with meat (seafood, rabbit, pork, or chicken) and seasoned with saffron.

If you venture to Eastern Spain, a main dish you will see is suquet. Suquet is a stew with tomatoes, fish, shellfish, potatoes, and saffron. (this is where all our information came from),r:60,s:0,i:336,r:1,s:0,i:153,r:0,s:0,i:84,r:8,s:0,i:108&tx=103&ty=93

Cafe con leche, meaning coffee with milk, is a common drink in Spain. It is actually half black coffee, half milk. The cups it comes in are smaller, so if you want a regular cup of coffee like in the US, make sure you use ''doble'' when ordering.

By Erika and Laura Lee

Turron is a sweet in Spain that is sort of like a nougatty candy with almonds inside. It's commonly eaten by children on Christmas.,%20con%20fructosa%20(santiveri)-5-big.jpg

Interesting Fact

The Moorish Kingdom strongly influenced Spanish cooking. The Moors were pretty much the midevil Muslims. The term Moor is actually a word Europeans use to describe people of Arab or African decent. It's pretty cool to think that Spanish cuisine is so heavily influenced by African cuisine. After all, Spain is just 30 miles from Morocco.


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