Food Forest

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Environmental Studies

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Food Forest

Getting Ready..........On October 27th our class had the oppurtunity to go out into the forest and attempt to clear out a patch of land. The weeds were relentless but we gave it our best try. The soil was unlike the soil at our homes, it was dark and full of organic material. We have a lot of hard work ahead of us! With dedication and perserverence the Food Forest will become a reality for the Brandon HCC Campus. It was a great oppurtunity to connect with mother nature and to ponder the endless bounties students can acqire from a place like the Food Forest.

The Future!

As a student in this class, I feel I will have a minimal impact on the progression of the Food Forest. The Food Forest is in its initial stage and will require work everyday to get it going. This will require a group of dedicated individuals that see this as a lifelong project that will provide a rewarding outcome for themselves and also for the community.



Food Forest Take 2!

Our Role!

Get Inspired

Plant and Share! This video is inspirational!


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