Food Desert or Swamp?

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Food Desert or Swamp?

It is a known fact that you can drive through a poor, urban area and find fast food joints within walking distance of eachother, if not right next door to one another. With the economy the way it is it's unfortunate that families cannot afford nutritious food and can only afford the cheap, so called, meat that fast food restauraunts provide and dairy-based foods that are high in fat, sugar and salt. In urban areas, access to public transportation is next to none and with no grocery store within walking distance families have to take multiple buses to get to a grocery store or pay for a taxi ride into town. It's sad that poor areas can't have access to fresh produce compared to the richer areas that have at least four within reasonable distances. We can only hope that one day grocery stores will be available to everyone and not just for the upper classes of society. Only then can we hope to stop obesity and teach healthier eating habits to future children. It's one thing to learn about it at school but it has to have the opportunity to be taught at home as well.

Food Desert or Swamp?


When will the overflow end?

The economy keeps going down and fewer and fewer people are able to afford healthy food. With all of the genetic manipulations and chemicals pumped into food it's amazing that we haven't started mutating.

Michelle Obama and a video about eliminating Food Deserts

by Caitlin Byerly


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