Food Culture Project

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Food Culture Project

Enjoying a wide variety of foods is part of our culture in the United States. These foods are the contributions of many different cultures and represent a wealth of ethnic diversity.

ACTION STEP 1Establish some basic background information by talking to members of your family about your “food culture”. Follow this link for instructions.

PROJECT RATIONALE and INTRODUCTION1. An individual’s food choices are affected by environmental and societal influences. 2. The preparation of food products in an individual’s home is influenced by culture. 3. The American diet is influenced by other cultures and regions. (Click anywhere on this square to read the Food Culture Project Introduction.)

ACTION STEP 2Decide which of the exploration activities you would like to complete in order to share your family culture with the class. Click here for details.

Note to Teachers...

Food & Culture Project

ACTION STEP 3Conference with your teacher and schedule a time to present your final project to your class. You will need complete the self evaluation rubric prior to the conference.


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