[2015] Lara Shukursadik: food chains

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[2015] Lara Shukursadik: food chains

As you know, all living things have to eat food. Whether you are a clownfish or a tiger, food is a necessity! Many different types of animals share habitats and live in communities together. Many times, one type of animal will be a source of food for another type of animal in a community.

Remember theWordhabbit

There are four different types of consumers in the animal kingdom. Acarnivore is an animal that only eats other animals. Anherbivore is ananimal that only eats plants. Anomnivore is an animal that eats both plants and animals. Ascavenger is an animal that eats dead animals.

Within a food chain, some living things are producers and some areconsumers. Plants are producers, as they make their own food (using sunlight, soil, and other elements). Animals are consumers because they have to eat other animals and plants.


food chanis

What happens to a food chain when the number of animals in a communitychanges too much? Sea otters can help us understand the answer to this question. Sea otters are needed members of the ocean community because they eat sea urchins. In places where there are low numbers of sea otters,the number of sea urchins increases too much because they are not being eaten by sea otters. As a result, the sea urchins eat too much of a food called kelp, which destroys many ocean communities because many ocean creatures rely on kelp to survive. This proves how sea otters are not only cute but needed members of their communities to help.

Habitat:A place where ananimal lives that gives it thefood, shelter, water, and other elements it needs to survive.Community:Two or moretypes of animals that live in ahabitat together.Producers:Living things thatcreate their own food tosurvive, like plants.Consumers:Animals thathave to eat plants or other animals to survive. Carnivore: An animal that only eats other animals.Herbivore: An animal that only eats plants.Omnivore: An animal that eats both other animals and plants.Scavenger : An animal that eats dead animals.Food Chain: Shows the order that animals eat each other in a community

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