Food and Nutrition

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Health & Fitness

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Food and Nutrition

So you want a piece of candyBut you need to have an apple.Tell me what’s it gonna be,Leave the candy in the wrapper.Shake the apple from the tree.Natural food is best you see!Chorus:You better be good to your body.You better be good to yourself.You gotta be good to your body.You gotta get yourself good health.So you want some tater chips,But you need some mashed potaters.Tell me how it’s goin’ down.Leave the chips in the package,Dig the taters from the ground.Natural food’s the best around.ChorusSo you want a can of soda,But you need a glass of fruit juice.Tell me what you’re gonna do.Leave the soda in the can,Squeeze the juicy from the fruit.Natural’s best for me and you.BridgeWell, I want to eat and drink things natural.I wanna be fit and strong.I don’t want to break down after half a day.I wanna keep up all day long….naturally.So you wanna watch the TellyBut you need to move your body.Tell me what you’re gonna say.Say you’re shutting off the TVAnd then you’ll run outside and play.And get some exercise today!Chorus

Food and Nutrition



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