Folklore (Flipped Lesson Folklore Glog 1)

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Folklore (Flipped Lesson Folklore Glog 1)

Folklore is the beliefs and stories of a culture that have been passed down through word of mouth (that means people telling one another!).

What is folklore and why is it important in our culture?

Fun With First Grade Folklore!

Click the Arrow ^ Above for a Fun Read Aloud!Now that you've watched one of my favorite folk tales, Stone Soup, think about what happened in the story. What did the neighbors learn how to do? Did they come together as a community and help? Did they learn a valuable lesson? Think about those questions and write about them in your writing journal! Tell me everything you learned and what they neighbors learned about Stone Soup and what the soldiers did.

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Now that we've talked about estimation, give me a written guess (or estimation) about what you think folklore is and your favorite folk tale, if you have one! Be sure to include a picture to show me, too!

Before we get started...

The book covers are some of the popular folklore tales I would like you to see. These are American folklore or folk tale stories!

Watch Johnny Appleseed



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