Folk Tales

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Folk Tales

Folktale VocabularyStoryteller- the person who tells the story.Plot- the main event in a folktale.Theme- topic of the folktale that tells what it's about.Pattern- repeated words or events in a folktale.Culture- beliefs, behaviors, and traditions of a group of people.Supernatural- mysterious or magical people, places, or things not part of everyday life.


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A folktale is a story passed down from generation to generation, meant to entertain, teach, and express the beliefs of one's culture.

DID YOU KNOW?Most folktales were told orally. That means they were spoken and not written down, so storytellers had to not only tell the stories, but remember them too!

Types of Folktales:- Cumulative tales- Beast Tales- Pourquoi Tales("Pourquoi" is French for "why")- Nonsense Tales- Trickster Tales- Fairy Tales

Themes in Folktales:- Good vs. Evil- The number "3"- Magical people, places, or things- A lesson is usually learned- Personification

Many cultures around the world have different versions of the same story! For example, the tales of Cenicienta in Spain, Zolushka in Russia, and Aspoestertjie in Namibia are all different versions of the same story; you know it as Cinderella.

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