Folk Tales, Fables, and Fairy Tales

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Language Arts
Reading Comprehension

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Folk Tales, Fables, and Fairy Tales

Folk Tales, Fables, and Fairy Tales

Cinderella VS The Rough-Face Girl

The Three Little Pigs VS The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs

Little Red Riding Hood VS Lon Po Po

Aesop's Fables

Websites to Explore!

Grimm Fairy Tales

NatGeo's Brothers Grimm

Fractured Fairy Tales

Create Your Own Fractured Fairy Tales

Free Classic Stories from

Folk Tales and Fables

Watch Folk Tales, Fables, and Fairy Tales

Enchanting Books to Read

- Cinderella and Other Tales by the Brothers Grimmby Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm- The Rough-Face Girl by Rafe Martin and David Shannon- Little Red Riding Hood retold by Trina Schart Hyman- Lon Po Po by Ed Young- Goldilocks and the Three Bears retold by Jim Aylesworth- Somebody and the Three Bears by Marilyn Tolhurst- The Story of the Three Little Pigs- The True Story of the Three 3 Little Pigs! by A. Wolf- Aesop's Fables- The Young Oxford Book of Folk Tales by Kevin Crossley-Holland- American Folk Tales ' Songs by Diane Goode- Grimm’s Fairy Tales by The Brothers Grimm

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