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FOK Project

Yuan's FOK Project

Last August, I moved to the US and started my Master Degree here. Studying in the US means that I can travel in new places and experience new things. Last Christmas, I visited Mexico, first time traveling to a place where I don’t know the language at all. Travelling in Mexico by myself taught me how to book hotels, flight tickets, and shuttles online and communicate with Mexican English speakers in the simplest words and sentences. I learned how to arrange my own time, how to make full use of money, how to explore spots which are more popular for local people. This summer, while teaching at a local elementary school in Jamaica, I also travelled around the country, which has the beautiful tropical landscape and many delicious fruits. More importantly, that was my first time looking at a non-governmental organization form the inside. I have to say it is super hard to run an organization. There are countless concerns, including finance, legal status, relation with local community, recruiting, and training new employees. Last year, I was a member of IU West Equestrian team, which was a lot of fun. That was my first time on a horse. Riding a horse was an adventure for me, and I learned how to control the muscle on both of my legs and my back. It was a good sport exercise, as well as a way to relax from heavy school work. I really enjoy my life now and hope to know more about every one of you too.

Moll and his colleagues (1992) came up with the term Funds of Knowledge, which means that historically accumulated and culturally developed bodies of knowledge and skills essential for household or individual functioning and well-being. This funds of knowledge is functioning as a bridge between family and school, where teachers are familiar with students’ family background and students are active learning rather than knowledge containers. For immigrant families, there is always disparity between formal education and social connections. I appreciate Iddings’ idea that teachers should provide students with experiences in which they are able to actually use language for their own purposes, and use hybrid languages as a legitimate way of communication. Last but not least, using multimodal methods in education is the trend in literacy education (Siegel, 2006). In fact, it is human nature to communicate through various means of texts, not only literal text.

Yuan's Funds of Knowledge

Thoughts on Reading

I grew up as the only child in a typical Chinese family. Both my parents have been busy with business since I was little. Perhaps because of the nature of their work, they always encourage me to try new things. For instance, they like every dish that I cooked, even though they tasted terrible. Besides, my parents hire piano tutors for me for consistent 9 years until I went to high school, which was a boarding school. Meanwhile, I am the oldest among all my cousins. Therefore, being independent and supportive to others was what I have been told for many years. For all years, I strongly agree that learning does not only happen in classroom. It applies to people in all age groups. The funds of knowledge concept is in some way similar to a sociology thought that every child goes to the society with a kit-box, where they collect knowledge and skills received from family, friends and all kind of circumstances. Since college, I have tried to find out where my passion is, and being as a teacher is definitely a significant part in my life. I volunteered in a special school for blind and deaf children between 6 to 15 years old. From that, I learned how to get along with children with special need. In my senior year in college, I tutored English online for one semester, which taught me how important online education is and how critical it will be in the future. Besides, because I travelled in many places, and most of them have a very different culture from Asia, I would say I am good at changing roles between different circles. Combining those parts, I can see my future career will be concentrate on adult second language education.

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