Focus On Hunters And Gatherers,History

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Focus On Hunters And Gatherers,History

Hunters and Gathers lived in the wild. They built their own shelter and made their own clothes. They ate fruits, roots, leaves and nuts. When they wanted meat, Hunting in groups worked the best. Hunting big game such as mammoth was dangerous and required teamwork. A hunter could easily be crush by a mammoth, or speared by it's sharp tusks. Scientists have different ideas about how such game was hunted. The animals may have been wounded by spears and then lured into hiddin pits and killed. Or, hunters may have atttacked the animals near watering holes. Some evidence suggests thst hunters would herd animals until they were forced over bluffs, fallling to thier deaths.Hunters-gatherers lived in caves or human made shelters. Long ago, hunters-gatherers in parts of europe made huts of mammoth bones and tusks.The shelters were probaly covered by large animal hides. Hunters and gatherers made their own tools and weapons using a stone, wood, bone, and animal sinew.

Focus On Hunters and gatherers

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How hominds Hunted

Steps On Prehistoric Hunting

How Hominids Hunt Long ago1)The Homininds first ready their spears and hide behind rocks and trees.2)Then they attack their prey in a large group. 3) They throw weapons and immobilize their prey and kill it.


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