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Flypaper Glog

Affirmation*Peer*Teacher*Hallway*Creates a sense of accomplishment

2nd Grade Design

Product Focus*Constructing*Hands-on*Visual Representation

*Movement*Hands-on*Group Work/Group Learning*Connecting it to "popular" kid things*Ipads, computer, flocabulary

Organization of Knowledge

*Group Assessments*Rubrics, checklists*Strategies

Clear and Compelling Product Standards

*Learning from making mistakes*Comfortable taking risks

Protection from Adverse Consequences for Initial Failures

Content and Substance*Eager*Ask questions*Try it out*Some background knowledge

Choice*Seating assignments*Partners*What they eat for lunch*Where they stand in line*Value choice in assessment (verbal, written, hands on)

Affiliation*Working with groups is always wanted!*Math stations, Daily 5*Small Groups

Novelty & Variety*Brain Breaks*Whole Group to Small Group to Centers

Interactive Tasks*Technology included

Authenticity*Sports*Toys, manipulatives*Video games*Technology*Music*Diary of a Wimpy Kid*Fly Guy


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