fly eagle fly

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fly eagle fly

Listen to the story Purple Coyote (Fantasy) Great Story!

Seat Work

INSTRUCTIONS1. Listen to the Plot and Them pages as you read along in your book. Complete numbers 1 and 2 Complete one of the LearnZillions. Watch the first segment of The Marzipan Pig. on Discovery Education tab. Retell in your own words a summary of this segment.2 Listen to the Purple Coyote story. Answer the questions from Reading Across Texts box. Watch segment 2 of The Mazipan Pig. Retell in your own words what this segment was about. Complete one LearnZillion Lesson.4. Complete the rest of your LearnZillion lessons. Watch segment 3 of The Mazipan Pig, Retell in your own words about this segment.5. Watch the videos on the TV Screens assigned by your teacher. Watch segments 4 & 5 of the Mazipan Pig. Write in your own words what this segment was about.6. Watch the last segment of The Marzipan Pig. Write in your own words what connection was with each segment and what was the centeral Idea or main Idea for the story.In your reading book, Listen to the story Fly Eagle Fly as you read along. 7. Take the Quiz assigned by your teacher on studentinfues.com8. Create a New Glog to post all of your work and retell the story in you own words. Explain how the story in your reading book compares and contrast to the Marzipan Pic. Make a Comparison Graph. 9. Take your test online on Friday. Have fun! And do your very Best!

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