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Cigarettes contain large amounts of sodium fluoride, which constitutes large amounts of fluorine. Along with fluorine, other insecticides and pesticides can be found in such products. Hence, “Cigarettes in the Theatre” by Two Door Cinema Club.

Fluoride is very hard for scientists to isolate in natural settings and even then no chemical substance can free it from its compounds. For these reasons, this element does not occur freely in nature.

Fluorine's Fable Aye!Son of a seamstressMy life seemed amiss Till the Nobel Peace in 1906All following the saving of someone from the poison of arsenicMy vestigial organs did me inYet I still attempted to use pressure to synthesize diamonds from the mere form of carbonDon’t tell me that my life was filled with nothing more than hot airFor the elements from my kitchen are more frightening than the most evil of daresI left plant chemistry and went a little more inorganicAnd suddenly my obsession became franticI am French and my experimentation will leave you all friedWith my arc furnace I obtain borides and carbidesLil’ Wayne can’t drop a beat wittier than mineEspecially with me being the first isolator of fluorideFor the melting point is negative 219.6And it is only through carbon vapors that I can get my fixHe says 6 foot 7 foot bunchBut I am just saying that there’s city water in that punchSo take out your metallic teeth and talk a little more clearlyBecause I am Henri Moissan: King of ChemistryNow let me take a quick transition onto my main focusAfter receiving 10000 francs for it, I would like to say it’s where the dough isFluorine wears a nine stapled haphazardly across its chestSomewhat resembling the scarlet letter; for its purity is up to testHighly petulant, it will intermingle with anyCausing cheap conflicts with the copper in the pennyHydrofluoric acid is the vilest of wraths Burning and simmering; eating through the clearest of glassA happy pale yellow could be seen as a gasYet the Fluorine Martyrs are still awaiting the fainting spell to passElectrolysis remains the industrial production methodFor after seeing the elements of hatred, the chemists just left itSteel making and aluminum refining, and then I see TeflonNuclear bombs and plants; welding and ceramicsIs all where my life of hard labor has goneNot to be depressive as my lines slowly recedeFor it all allows for Prozac to intercedeHelium, two s two, two p 5Exactly the door of where Fluorine presidesNow I must add a few facts to this matterSimply as my narcissism previously discussed has allowed for my lines to tatterIt would all be cool, as in the gasses chilling your foodTo depart from this collection of words, without seeming crudeFor I am no tall glass of water, rather a cup from the cityShot up with fluoride, how controversy is such a pityBut now, really I must departI mean. I was born in 1852…I was supposed to be dead from the poem’s start.