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Language Arts

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My student is 19 years old and is currently in highschool. He was born in Latvia and moved to America when he was 14 years old. His language transition has been smooth for the most part but, he struggles with his fluency when reading. To work on this the student could participate in partner choral reading with a teacher or adult or work alone with tape assited reading. THis acitivity includes multiple tape assisted read alouds to help build my student's fluency. The student should let the video play through once to hear how a fluent reader reads that passage.Then they can play the video again trying to keep up with the recording. All the texts provided include the script to the story and are reasonably short. I chose children's pictures books and one small poem for this activity because they were short and included vivid vocabulary. However, this acitivty can be done with any form of text; textbooks, poetry, newspaper, etc. The student should practice this daily to become a more fluent reader.

Enhancing Fluency



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