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Social Studies

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Historical TimelineFlorida has had many historical events. Here is a list of some of the most important events that have happened in Florida: 1715- Spanish Plate Fleet wrecked off southest Florida's coast 1740- British invaded Florida, native populations diminished 1817-1818- The first Seminole War in Florida 1928- Devastating hurricane hit South Florida. Those are the most important events that have happened in Florida.

Tourist AttractionsFlorida has many tourist attractions such as: Disney World, Sea World, Florida Keys, Gatorland, and many more. Florida also has many famous monuments. Those monuments are: Epcot, Jungle Island, Downtown Disney, and many more. Florida has a lot of state parks like: Anasazi State Park, Springs Wildlife State Park, and Hillsborough State Park. As well as State Park, there are National Parks such as: Biscayne National Park, Everglades National Park, and Dry Tortugus National Park.

State FlagFlorida's flag represents the land of sunshine, flowers, palm trees, and lakes. The flag is called" State Seal". The flag has a red cross of St. Andrew on a white field. It shows a sailing steam boat and the land of water. The flag was made by Juan Ponce de Leon.

IntroductionFlorida became a state on May 3rd, 1845. It's state capital is Tallahassee and it's nickname is "The Sunshine State". Florida has a population of 19.9 million people. Florida is 65,755 square miles long. It's state motto is "In God We Trust" and it's animal is a Florida panther. Florida's state bird is a mockingbird and it's flower is an Orange Blossom. Florida's state tree is the Sabal Palmetto Palm Tree. Florida's state beverege is Orange Juice. Florida is known for it's oranges, limes, and lemons. Jacksonville is Florida's largest city. The average temperature in Florida is 70.7 degrees fahrenheit.


Map ResearchFlorida's region falls in the southeastern region. Florida's bordering states are Georgia and Alabama. It also borders the Atlantic Ocean. Afew major rivers would be: St. Johns River, St. Marys River, Suwannee River, and many more. A main landmark in Florida is Cape Canal.


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