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CAPITOL:Tallahassee ANIMAL: Panther TREE: Cabbage Palm FLOWER: Orange Blossom BIRD: Northern Mockingbird SPORT TEAM: Miami Heat

No matter where you are your never more than 60 miles from the ocean.Florida is a similar size to England and Wales combined.Florida produces 60% of the oranges in the USA.Walt Disney World Resort encompasses 30,500 acres, making it approximately the same size as San Fransico.Disney World decorates more than 1,500 Christmas trees during the holiday.Florida is the 29th most obes state in the country.Orlando Florida's Wet N' Wild waterpark is the first waterpark in the world.Highway Patrol officers in Florida lose their bonuses if they are 15 lbs overweight. The population of Florida is over 20,271,272.




Written history begins with the arrival of the Europeans to Florida; the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León in 1513 made the first textual records. The state was the first mainland realm of the United States to be settled by the Europeans. Thus, 1513 marked the beginning of the American Fronteir. Florida was founded on March 3, 1845. Florida was a Expansion to the Spanish Empire. On Easter in 1513 while looking for the Fountain of Youth Ponce de Leon named the region "Pascua Florida," meaning "Flowerly Easter." He also called it La Florida wich probably had something to do with flowers.



The EvergladesKarst Landforms RidgesHighlandsLowlandsCoastal FeaturesCody ScarpAtlantic coastal plainEast cost of the USGasparilla PassPulley Ridge Gulf coast of the USRedfish pass

The culture of Florida is similar to the rest of USA culture, but as a coastal state, Florida culture has been influenced by immigrant populations, especially those from Europe and Latin America. Florida is a melting pot as well as an international crossroad to the United States. florid as music is Florida Breaks and Miami Bass. Florida is known for several unique foods including Key Lime Pie and Floribbean cuisine.

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