Florida Panther

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Florida Panther

Florida PantherBy: Taylor Boyd

HabitatFlorida panthers are usually found in pinelands, hardwood hammocks, and mixed swamp forests. The panthers live in the southeastern United States. They can be in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississppi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and parts of Tennessee and South Carolina.

BehaivorThey swim to cool them self off on hot days. They might also move to Texas and mate with Texas cougars which gives them a better chance a surviving.


Physical AdaptationsThe florida panther has retractable claws so they can use the claws when they need to. A panther’s eyes are well adapted for seeing at night and detecting motion. A panther can detect the slightest movement and small glimmers of light. Kittens are spotted to help them camoflauge in the shadows of the den.

What it EatsA panther's main diet is white-tailed deer. They also eat armadillo, wild hog, raccoon, and the occasional alligator.