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Florida Panther (Puma Concolor Coryi)FAST FACTSthe florida panther has gone by various names such as Puma, Cougar, Mountain Lion, Panther,Height : 23- 27 inches for males, at the shoulders, but females are much smaller.Length : 7 feet from the nose to the tip of tail, as for the females they're 6 feet from nose to tail..Weight : the Male panther averages around 130 lbs, and the females averages 70-75lbs.

Description about the Florida Panther..... Diet : the florida panther primarily eats the White-Tailed Deer, they also eat feral frog , rabbit , raccoon, armadillo , and birds Population : the estimated population of most panthers are fewer than 100 panthers throughout these United States .Did you know ????Most panthers communicate through Vocalization . The sounds they use come out as chirps , whistle , moans , growls , And during Mating Season , the female panthers readys herself by caterwauling or yowling .


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