Florida Keys

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Florida Keys

Some producers in the Florida Keys are the phytoplankton, zooxanthella, and turtle grass. Also, it has many consumers like the corals and fish; and it contains one decomposer, the marine bacteria.

Florida Keys

Food Web

This coral reef contains a very interesting, magnificent, and breath-taking statue that was placed at the bottum of the Keys in 1954. This structure is called the Abyss statue and was created by Guido Galletti. This 4,000 pound bronze statue of Jesus Christ is eight and a half feet tall. To discover this underwater work of art is both shocking and spiritually rewarding.

Some abiotic factors in the Florida Keys are the hurricanes, currents, water quality, and sunlight. These abiotic factors are terrible for the reef. The most devastating storm is when a hurricane causes the disruption of the sediment which reduces the light and filters through a water column. This is very important because most of the Florida Keys reef depends on the Florida current. This current brings warm water from South America, the Carribbean, and Florida Bay. Also the organisms in the Keys depend on the water which is being affected by pollution and sewage water that is finding its way into the Florida Keys.

Humans are adding a few threats to the Florida Keys. These threats include over boating and over fishing. But we can put this to a stop! By creating programs that will help these organisms stay safe in their ecosystem, we can ensure a healthier future for the Florida Keys.

There are also a wide variety of fish, this holds the southern stingray, fresh angelfish, moray seel, gulf flounder, sergeant major, and the parrot fish.

It is an amazing place to go snorkeling with your family and friends





Three-Spot Damselfish


Marine Bacteria

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