Florida Keys

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Florida Keys

The Florida Keys consists of a coral reef off the southern coast of Florida and is about 15 miles south of Miami.

Florida Keys


The Florida Keys is made up of mostly water and reefs. But it also holds fish, sand, and many other animals.

There are not many ecosystems like the Florida Keys, mainly because not many ecosystems are reefs. But one does exist around Mono Lake on the western border of California. Mono Lake has a few similarities with the Florida Keys. They both include an underwater ecosystem, and they have beautiful wildlife living within the water. Both systems are unique in that the Florida Keys has bright, colorful reefs, and Mono Lake possesses awesome Tufa Towers.

Florida Keys National Marina Sanctuary(FKMNS) was established in November 1990. The Florida Keys stretch 160 miles, making this the third longest coral reef in the world. An interesting fact is that all of the sand around the Keys was shipped from the Carribbean by barges. Also, the FKMNS is known to be home to many unique animals, such as dolphins, turtles, and magnificent fish.

There is no cellphone service on the islands

The Florida Keys has many endangered animals. One of these reptiles is the baby green sea turtle.

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The percentage of the coral reef is dropping, Fast!


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