[2015] Emma Klein (4th Gr. Room 109 2014-15): Florida

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[2015] Emma Klein (4th Gr. Room 109 2014-15): Florida

While you are there, dive into many water parks such as Rapids, Aquatica sea world, Disney’s typhoon lagoon, Disney’s blizzard beach and Wet’n’ wild. Those were some top water parks in Florida that you should come dive in while you're there . If your child doesn’t like wet stuff and water then keep reading! Even if your child does love the water then keep reading!

Come dive into Florida

You'll wanna come!

Key West





Outdoor activities

Temperature- The weather in the top of Florida warm and a little cold at sometimes. The bottom of Florida is very warm and sizzling and usually very hot too! The temperature in January is about 70 degrees and summer is about 90 degrees and warmer by the waters and it is cooled by the winds. Apalachicola, the sunniest area in Florida has an average of 128 clear, sunny days and about 237 rainy days. It is very surprising it’s called the sunshine state! Say you live in the north of the USA the weather in the summer is only usually up to 85 degrees in the summer and in the winter it gets as bad as -10 degrees! You should definitely come to Florida instead!Climate- It’s also famous for its pleasant climate - sunshine and scenery. There are many palm trees and wildlife in places like the Everglades. Snow-It has only snowed 2 times! The biggest snow fall they have had was on January 19,1977 it measured 0.2 inches. The other snowfall was 0.1 it happened on February 13,1899.

The state Florida is also called “ The orange state” because it makes lots of oranges. 95% of oranges grown in Florida are used for juice, the rest are used for orange products. The orange and orange juice is very good from Florida. Another nickname for Florida is “ The sunshine state”.

If you love the sun, then you should come visit Florida! What does it feel like when you're laying on a warm, sandy beach relaxing, surrounded by beautiful palm trees and the ocean breeze, kids screaming and playing, and the waves crashing against your back? Come to Florida and you’ll find out. There are many attractions, roller coasters, water parks, the best beaches and crazy weather! You’ll have to see it to believe it! You’ll be sure to have a wonderful time! Don’t forget your children!!....


Many people in Florida enjoy outdoor activities such as the following. Go fishing, gardening ,boat ,and bike riding. Many people like to go scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, hiking, camping, and you will love this too...swimming!

Some theme parks and roller coasters that are going to make you SCREAM. The amazing, thrilling Disney World, Universal Studios, Islands of adventures, Busch gardens, Magic kingdom, Downtown disney, Dinosaur world, Jungle island, Lion safari country and one more , Gatorland . Many people in Florida enjoy going to zoos such as Palm beach zoo and many others. Exploring museums such as South Florida museums and others too. Plus, aquariums such as coral reef aquariums and many more. Those were some attractions and theme parks that make you SCREAM.

Theme parks & rollercoasters

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