Flores v. Arizona 1992

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Flores v. Arizona 1992


The Flores vs. Arizona court case started off with parents who's children attended a school in the Nogales School District. They filled a lawsuit against Nogales Unified School District becuase their children weren't getting the proper education they needed as an ELL student. The court case went on a 17 year legal battle before it was finally resolved in 2009.

Flores V. Arizona1992

What happended?


1988: State was only giving schools $164 for each ELL student1992: Lawsuit was filled2001: Survey shows districts spend from $0 - $4,600 per ELL student2002: State fundings increase to $350 per ELL student2004: Needed funding up to $2,495 in elementary school and $1,662 in high school2008: state gives school $40 million to establish new ELL program2009: 5-4 decision, the United States Supreme Court sent back for further hearingsHorne vs Flores



Mariam Flores and her daughter whos name is also Mariam Flores.Nogales Unified School DistrictState Of Arizona

AZ Centralhttp://www.schoolfunding.info/states/az/lit_az.php3http://www.rollbackcampaign.org/multimedia/

Court Case:


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