Florence Sabin

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Florence Sabin

Florence went to Smith College in 1893.She also went to Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and tought at zoology at Smith College for 1 year. In Denver she taught high school math too for 2 years.

Florence Sabin Born-November 9,1871 Central City CO.Died-October 3,1953 Denver COFamily-Florence's mother died when she was 4.She had one sister named Mary.

Basic Information

Florence Sabin won the Lasker-Bloomberg Public Service Award.Florence published two books, "Frankin Paine Mall: the Sory of the Mind" and "The Orgin and Development of the Lymphatic System". Florence created a three dimensional model of a newborns brain.

Achievements and Accomplishments

Florence was a medical scientist and earned her degree in 1900. She studied blood cells and the lymphatic system.

Contributionsand life

Florence Sabin


AWARD:Scholarship to Johns Hopkins School of Medicine


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