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Florence Nightingale


1820- Florence Nightingale born in Florence.1837-February 7th God spoke to her1938-1939 Florence travels across europe secretly visting hospitals she even vist egypt.1839- Henry Nicholson falls in love with Florence Nightingale1843-Florence vists the sick and poor also Henry Nicholson asked FlorenceNightingale to become his wife.1844-Proposes again but she refuses Florence wants to dedicate her to the nursing field. They become life long friends.1846- Begans to study in a hospital to become a nurse.1853-The Crimean war starts is allowed to help due to her being a women eventullay she's accepted to help.1856-Returns from the Crimean War, stays away from the public for several weeks.1860-Nightingale sets up the Training School for Nurses at St. Thomas' Hospital.1872-Continues to train nurses.1883-Recieves the Red Cross award From Queen Victoria.1907-Recieves the Order of Merit First women to recieve this.1910-Florence Nightingale dies

-Creation of the Nursing Field-Publication on health published a book called 'Notes On Nursing'-Was involved with the Contagious Diseaes Act as well as advocate 'limited' womens right.-Hunger Relief in India-Creates her own hospital St Thomas' to train nurses.

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Florence Nightingale



Voice of Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale created the nursing field. Today millionsare nurses helping the sick.

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August 13, 1910


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