Florence Nightingale

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Florence Nightingale

Florence was born in Florence, Italy on May 12,1820.Her family had a good education.Florence had a big sister too.She was a great student. Florence wanted to be a nurse.She did not tell her family.Her parents thought working was silly. In back then nursing was not a good job. Florence was improving nursing.She was turning nursing into a respestful job. It was hard for Florence to get out of bed.She later died in August 12,1910.


1820-born may 121837-call from God1851-nurse training1854-helps soldiers1856-makes a team1860-made a school1910-died August 13

Florence Nightingale was an important woman.First, she made the hospitals sanitary for doctors. Secondly, her talent led to helping soldiers. Third, she made a true friend. Fourthly, she changed nursing! As you can see she was amazing!

Lasting Impact

Florence made nursing a respestable job.


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Florence Nightingale



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