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Florence Nightingale



Florence Nightingale


She was born in Florence, Italy on May 12, 1820. She died in London, United Kingdom on August 12, 1910.


Florence Nightingale had two older siblings. Her mother, Frances Nightingale, belonged to elite social circles. Despite her mothers interest in socializing, Florence felt awkward in social situations. She preferred to not be the center of attention nor stand out. Her father was William Shore Nightingale, a wealthy landowner who owned two estates when Florence was five years old. She was raised at the Lea Hurst estate where her father gave her classical education, such as German, French, and Italian. When she was young, she had a strong interest in nursing and health care. Her parents were not pleased about her ambitions to become a nurse.

By the time she was 20, she encountered an interest in mathematics after seeing how much her father loved math. Florence begged her parents to study mathematics but they her parents didn't approve because she needed to focus on house duties. After she became a nurse, she fought for the privilege to study mathematics. In the 1850's, she was permitted to have tutors in mathematics. She learned arithmetic, geometry, and algebra. Before she became a nurse, she would tutor children on these subjects. After a couple years, she convinced her parents to study nursing at a hospital in Germany.

How the World was Affected

Florence Nightingale said that women should be able to do all that men can do. So, she fought for women's rights to study mathematics because most women couldn't. She wanted women to do things they loved even if it wasn't "suitable." For her efforts, she was awarded the Royal Red Cross by Queen Victoria.

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