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Florence Nightingale


"Lady with the Lamp"

'Female Nursing in Army Hospitals'

England: Florence Nightingale's family is originally from England and settled there. France: Florenece Nightingale vistied Paris during France's war against Switzerland. Italy: Florence NIghtingale was born in Firenze, Italy. Turkey & The Crimean Peninsula: Florence Nightingale stayed in Turkey during the Crimean war to improve Army Hospitals. Germany: Florence Nightingale left England to study at a hospital in Germany.

Dear Florence Nightingale,I am inviting you to a royal dinner party on September 7th, 1856, at 5:30 p.m. I am so thankful for your generosity and contribution to care for others. Because of your tremendous effort you have completely changed the history of nursing and medical systems, you have made hospitals safer places for sick and wounded patients and have taught us about how important hygiene is when it comes to clinical care. As the hard working lady you are, you have showed the world that women are also heros on the battlefield. As a result, I am honored to meet you and hear your ideas for the future.Sincerely Yours,Queen Victoria of Britain.

Party Invitation

William and Fanny Nightingale are pleased to announce the birth of their second child. A baby girl was born on May 12, 1820, in the Italian city of Firenze. Her parents decided that their new daughter should be called Florence, the English word for Firenze. She is born into a young English couple and their older daughter, Parthenope. The Nightingales is a very wealthy family. They are living in a fine home, with lots of space to entertain people. William and Fanny Nightingale are expecting Florence to become a beautiful woman and a wonderful hostess, just like her own mother. Fun and fashion means everything. Mrs. Nightingale stated the following: “We never thought of anything all day long but our own ease and pleasure.” Florence Nightingale is going to become a grand lady!

The Nightingale's Houses

Dear, William and Fanny Nightingale,I know you are upset with me for not staying at home, raising a family, and being that sophisticated grown lady you want me to be. However, I am following my dreams of improving the medical systems and the working conditions for nurses. I managed to bring thirty-eight nurses with me to Turkey. Because of the war, several soldiers are in the hospitals. Thousands of men are wounded, but that is only part of the problem. The miserable conditions at the hospital are causing infections, spreading of germs and diseases, even fleas. When we first arrived, the hospital was a filthy building. More than two hundred women, some of them were prostitutes and many of them are infected with cholera, were living in the cellars. There were also millions of insects, mice, and rats everywhere. Most of the sick soldiers were laying on the floor, wearing dirty clothes and starving. But, the thirty eight nurses and I rolled up our sleeves and got down to business. Now the hospital is a lot better at taking care of the patients. Hygiene changed everything! At the moment, I am working on making nursing a profession that people respect. Also, nurses should get specialized university training. As you can probably tell, I have been working very hard and I miss you a lot. Your Daughter, Florence Nightingale.

CaringA+“Why, as a child in the nursery, when her sister had shown a healthy pleasure in tearing her dolls to pieces, had she shown almost morbid one in sewing them up again? Why was she driven now to minister to the poor in cottages, to watch by sick-beds, to put her dog’s wounded paw into elaborate splints as if it was a human being?”Florence Nightingale grew up in a very wealthy family, but instead of enjoying the pleasures, she thought about how other people in the world were suffering. As a result, she decided to make the world a better place. CourageA+“I stand at the altar of the murdered men and while I live I shall fight their cause.”- Florence NightingaleEven though, it was a challenging job to improve the Army hospitals and it took a lot of power to succeed, Florence Nightingale kept fighting until she and the rest of the world was satisfied.LeadershipA+“Such a head! I wish we had her at the War Office”- Queen Victoria Florence Nightingale liked to have things done her way and commanded the others nurses around to make sure everything was done correctly. Also, she was a good leader and took good care of her coworkers throughout her mission to save the medical systems. IntelligenceA+“She needed to be clever and amusing so she would be popular. But beyond that, how much book learning did she need?”When Florence Nightingale was just a little girl, she was thirsty for knowledge and read books like no other girl. Even though her parents wanted her to become a beautiful hostess, she stood up for education and specialized university training for female nurses.

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