Florence Nightingale

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Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale's Legacy

This timeline will describe Florence's childhood, major achievement and final years. Also her legacy as the "Lady with The Lamp", Hope you enjoy this timeline of her life!

Time Line

Birth Alert

In 1844, at the age of 24, she decided to decicate her life to nursing an started at Lutheran Hospital of Paster Fliedner in Kaiserwerth, Germany. After believing nursing was her calling.

At the age of 17, a young gentleman named Richard Monckton Milnes, the suitable gentlemen proposed in hope of marriage and love. She refused to marry.

In 1854, her 38 oher and her were sent to Crimea to nurse the soliders back to health and save thousands. But 20,000 solider were killed in the Crimean War because of wounds or disease.

She later discovered the sewers were infecting the soliders and killing them one by one. Also making their infected terribly

Florence Nightingale was born on May 12, 1820 in Florence, Italy. Her parents (Frances Smith and William Edward Nightingale) named her after the city she was birthed in.


Welcoming Flo

Calling all Nurses!


Oh No You Didn't!

"Notes On Nursing"



Later, at the age of almost 40, she wrote a book called, "Notes On Nursing" which describes how to nurse and become a nurse.


Birthday Gifts


From 1908 to 1910, she got various gifts from stangers for her birthdays. King Edward wished her a happy birthday in 1908. Then King George three months before she died of Crimean Illness, she had been battling for 58 years.


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