Florence - Bartu

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Florence - Bartu

If you want a holiday that is soothing and has a stunning vista Florence is the place for you, especially for partners and couples.

You will be staying at the secluded Palazzo Pitti Hotel

There are many places to visit around Florence.

When you want to visit a landmark a shuttle which you will signal with the red button in your room will pick you up.

You have to go to that cafe, and you will, you can't resist.

You can even ride a bike, on the rooftops!

You can do everything and anything you want here, what are you wating for invitation? Oh wait...

Prices1 week: $5002 Weeks: $1,000Our phone number:98465199846

We Invite you to Florence, birthplace of the Rennaiesance!

A guide will be with you during the tour.



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