Flordia Endadgered animals

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Flordia Endadgered animals

Endangered AnimalsBy: Alexis Logan

Schaus SwallowtailThe Schaus Swallowtail is a butterfly; it is about as big as a man’s hand. The swallowtail lives in a place a little south of Miami. In 1911 Hundreds… maybe even thousands flew freely in the wild. Then it became threatened in 1976, and endangered in 1984. Its wings are chocolate brown with small yellow strips at the bottom and little pinches of blue.

Key DeerThe key deer is a deer that lives in the Keys. If you’ve ever been you would notice because they change the speed limit from 40 mph to 35 mph. the key deer has a lot in common with Bambi the black nose and the big black eyes. It has big ears.

The KiteThe Kite everglade snail is a bird that eats mostly apple snails. It was listed as endangered in 1967. It lives in wetlands. It has a curved bill to break into an apple snails shell. Their survival depends fully on the apple snail’s survival. The apple snails survival depends completely on water sheds water sheds are sheds that produce water.

Florida Panther The Florida panther is an endangered animal that lives in the everglades. There is predicted to be around 100-160 adults left… IN THE WORLD. The Florida Panther used to live around Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, and now only in Florida. Panthers eat mostly White-tailed Deer but they also eat birds, raccoons, birds and other small animals. The Florida Panther is Florida’s state animal.

Marsh Rabbit Marsh Rabbit is a pretty big rabbit with pretty small ears. It lives in fresh water marshes. It has Blackish brown or dark reddish (depending on how you see it) fur. They are excellent swimmers! They are mostly nocturnal they hide in logs, trees, bushes, or anything else they can fit in (during the day). Its scientific name is sylvilagus palustris.


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