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Flora and Ulysses


F lora

F lora



& Ulysses

& Ulysses



By:Sabrina Williams ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ

Flora and Ulysses is set in a modern day world that looks a lot like home. After all, Flora is just like any other ten-year-old… aside from the fact that she obsessively reads Terible Things Can Happen to You! Her life is probably similar to yours in plenty of ways, minus the poetry-typing, superhero-flying squirrel, that is.


Flora Bell BuckmamA "natural-born cynick" (1.10) with a penchant for disaster comics, Flora is no normal ten-year-old. She doesn't have any friends, loves reading comic books, and she's got a superhero squirrel as a sidekick. Until her squirrel protector comes along, it's a pretty lonely little life Flora leads, so thank goodness for Ulysseses.Ulysses the SquirrelMore than anyone else in the book, Ulysses goes through an unexpected journey. He starts out as a hungry squirrel with no thoughts other than food and filling his belly, but pretty soon, he's writing poetry, flying through diners, and saving people from nasty cats. That's what you call a Big Change!1Phyllis BuckmanRomance novelist by day, arch-nemesis by night, Phyllis Buckman is one tricky woman to understand. In fact, she confuses Flora a bunch with whether or not she likes Ulysses; even though her mom pretends to like her furry friend, Flora knows she wants Ulysses dead. Literally says it in the book: "She was standing at the door, smiling and waving good-bye to them as if she weren't truly a murder-planning arch-nemesis"George BuckmanPoetry-loving Tootie gets the scare of her life when she accidentally vacuuma up a squirrel, but somehow it all works out for the best. Tootie is around to provide some commentary and grown-up help when Flora has nowhere else to turm.Dr. MeeschamDr. Meescham is Flora's dad's quirky but straightforward neighbor, who tells Flora things like, "'You will speak without euphemisms'"Yep, she's a pretty up front lady. Her tell-it-like-it-is attitude helps Flora understand her dad better, and it also makes her think about what's happened between her parents. Dr. Meescham helps Flora see that she might only know one side of the story.Williams SpiverWe'll give you one piece of advice: Don't go calling this guy Billy. His stepdad, Tyrone, learnt that the hard way. William wants to be distinguished from every other kid with the same name out there and is very particular about it. he also has a fondness for making pretty grand statements. For example, he tells Flora:"The universe is a random place." "I doubt that you will ever get to The Truth. You may get to a version of the truth. But The Truth? I doubt it very seriously." and "Do you know, for instance, that the universe is expanding as we speak?"


The reason why i chose the book "Flora & Ulysses" is because it really sounded like a great book and many of my friends told me that it's funny and addicting to read!The part that I liked about the book is that it didn't have a slow beggining and the excitingness never ends! I rate this book with...☆☆☆☆☆5/5 stars!!

Why I chose this book and What I liked about it

This story starts off with a girl named Flora, wich loves comics! She finds outside her window the sight of her neighbor's new vacuum cleaner free roaming and zooming through her neigbor's yard and causing havoc. But what really caught her attention was the soon-to-be-gone squirrel sitting right in front of the killer vacuum cleaner! Flora watches as the squirrel gets sucked up into the mouth of the vacuum. She ran down stairs to her neighbors and saves the squirrel (by taking him out of the vacuum). After that Flora and her neighbor caught an amazing sight... The squirrel picked up the vacuum cleaner and held it high with on hand and reached down and grabbed his acorn with his other hand! Flora brings the squirrel home as a pet and names him Ulysses, and teaches him how to be a super hero like "INCANDESTO!"

Holy Bagumba!


Flora and Ulysses has plenty of themes! Here, I'll list a few and explain them! The Supernatural? Poetry-writing, cat-fighting, vacuum cleaner-lifting squirrels are not for real. Or at least we don't think they're real. DiCamillo invented a new type of superhero in Flora and Ulysses that has nothing to do with the vampires or dragons we're so used to. While we're all about originality, perhaps the coolest thing about this is that it forces us to really use our imaginations as we read. We know vampires suck blood and are immortal, and that dragons breathe fire, but a superhero squirrel? We're on our own when it comes to visualizing this little guy in action. Just saying!Love We're not talking about the sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g type of love when it comes to Flora and Ulysses. Nope, we're talking the friends and family variety. With Ulysses and Flora, we see a true blue friendship grow, and with Flora and her dad, we see mutual understanding emerge that lead to Flora recognizing that her dad has always adored her. And then there's Flora's mom. She's not one for the warm and fuzzies, especially for a romance novelist, but she still has her own way of showing Flora love, even if it's not until the end. Loneliness Let's face it: Flora's only companions at the beginning of the book can be found in her comics. She doesn't have many friends or hobbies at all, and even her mom thinks she's a weirdo. Enter Ulysses. He might not help out with her mom, but he sure does provide her with the company that she needs. In fact, she even opens up to William and her dad once Ulysses is in her life.Courage! Imagine standing up to an angry, bloodthirsty cat. As if that's not scary enough, think about it from the perspective of a little squirrel. Sure you might be able to defend yourself against your neighbor's domestic feline (although we don't recommend it), but to Ulysses, Mr. Klaus is three times his size. That's like you defeating a polar bear. Yikes.Cleverness In Flora and Ulysses,we've got a wiz kid, a squirrel who can write, and a girl obsessed with learning more about what to do in a disaster. Yep, that's a recipe for cunning and cleverness to show up. Not only do the characters prove they've got what it takes to duke it out on Jeopardy, they also show us just how valuable knowledge can be. Between the three of them, these feisty characters manage to outsmart a bunch of adults, and they seem to know more about avoiding problems or preparing for the worst-case scenario than most folks roaming around today!!Good v.s Evil! In typical superhero fashion, there's a struggle between good and evil in Flora and Ulysses. Just like Flora says, all superheroes have an arch-nemesis, which means a villain is lurking around every corner for our favorite squirrel, Mr. (or super) Ulysses! n this book, though, the good and evil aren't pronounced as in most books (like sci-fi or comics), but it's still there. Don't forget that Flora's mom does try to convince others to kill Ulysses, and when she doesn't get her way, she decides to kidnap him and do the deed herself. Yep, we'd say that's pretty evil. Even though the struggle gets resolved in the end, we still see the characters battle it out in the book. Luckily, good wins. (Ha! Take that, evil.)Truth... In Flora and Ulysses, Flora is a firm believer in the truth. So when the kidnapping goes down, she doesn't want to just piece together what probably happened; she wants to hear it straight from the horse's mouth… or the squirrel's mouth, as the case may be. William, on the other hand, thinks there is more than one truth, and doesn't buy in to the idea that there is one right answer because he thinks the universe is a random place full of endless possibilities. We can see the truth to both of their perspective, so who's correct? Up to you!!


Now, you would probably expect the book Flora and Ulysses to have LOTS of quotes, and I quote "it does." Here, I'll list a few starting with my favorite...Love Quotes"Listen to me," the girl said. "My name is Flora. Your name is Ulysses." Okay, thought the squirrel. She put her hand on him. She picked him up. She cradled him in her left arm. Flora's father had said, "I think that your mother is so in love with her books about love that she doesn't love me anymore." And her mother had said, "Ha! Your father is so far off in left field that he wouldn't recognize love if it stood up in his soup and sang."Flora's mother never called Flora beautiful. She never said that she loved her with all her heart. Luckily, Flora was a cynic and didn't care whether her mother loved her or not. Language and Communication QuotesAt the beginning of summer, in a moment of weakness, Flora had made the mistake of signing a contract that said she would "work to turn her face away from the idiotic high jinks of comics and toward the bright light of true literature."There is just no predicting what kind of sentences you might say, thought Flora. For instance, who would ever think you would shout, "You're going to vacuum up that squirrel!"CourageThere had, truthfully, been a lot of incidents with humans (some involving BB guns, some not), and all of them had been violent, terrifying, and soul-destroying. But this was a new life! And he was a changed squirrel. He felt spectacular. Strong, smart, capable—and also: hungry. "As Incandesto," she said, "Alfred sheds light into the darkest corners of the universe. He can fly. Also, he visits the elderly. And that's what a superhero is. And I think you might be one, too. At least, I think you have powers. So far, all we know about you is that you're really strong."

And I quote...

blah blah loved this book blah blah blah this is a note book blah blah blah blah blah blah blah this book was funny blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah why a squirrel blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah Holy Bagumba blah blah blah words on a page blah blah didn't know what to put here blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blayou need to read this book blah blahblah blah not charlie brown blah blah


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