Flora and Ulysses

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Flora and Ulysses

Author: Kate DiCamillo

Title: Flora & Ulysses

Main EventsUlysses is vacuumed up by Mrs. Tickham.Ulysses gets super powers.Flora meets William Spiver.Flora's mother tells Flora's father to kill Ulysses.Flora's mother decides Ulysses can stay.

SettingsFlora's HouseThe Tickham's BackyardGiant DoNutFlora's Father's ApartmentDr. Meescham's Apartment& The Forest

CharactersFlora Belle Buckman, Ulysses Squirrel), William Spiver,George Buckman (Flora's Father), Phyllis Buckman (Flora's Mother),Mrs. Tootie Tickham, Mr. Donald Tickham, Rita (waitress), Dr. Meescham, Mr. Klaus

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Flora's neighbor runs over a squirrel with her vaccuum cleaner. This causes him to gain powers just like a super hero. Flora becomes friends with the squirrel (Ulysses), but Flora's mother wants Flora's father to hit Ulysses over the head with a shovel and put him in a sack. Flora thinks her mother doesn't love her becasue she wants to kill her friend.

Flora, Tootie and William Spiver walk to a forest to find Ulysses becasue he ran away. They find him and Flora' s mother decides that Ulysses can stay. Flora now understands that her mother really does love her.

Flora and Ulysses is a very exciting book! Kate DiCamillo is an extremely humorous writer. The story keeps the reader's interest because you never know what is going to happen next or how the characters are going to solve the problems. You want to keep reading to find out more. I was sad when I was finished with the book. It was like saying goodbye to a good friend.


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