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Flora is a very intelligent girl. She knows how to get out of any problem. She says that she is a Natural-Born Cynic who lives in defence of contracts. Flora always has facts in her head about a comic book that she would always read with her father. The comic book series is called " The Illuminated Adventures Of The Amazing Incandesto! Flora is always confident in herself. She never is afraid of asking questions and saying her opinoin of things.If something crazy happened she would say "Holy Bagumba" as Alfred T. Slipper would say from the Illuninated Adventures Of The Amazing Incandesto! Flora and her dad were very close. Ulysses says that Flora has a round head and short brown hair and that's what he likes about her. She wears glasses and is very confident and emotional. Flora is always wearing a plad shirt and her hair can be very messy.

Ulysses is a squirrel with powers as Flora says. When Ulysses was sucked up by a vacum he started to act very wierd then all of a sudden he went under the vacum and picked it up. If you saw him he barely had any fur. He was named Ulysses because he got vacumed up by a very powerful vacum named the " Ulysses 2000. Since then Ulysses has been acting very odd. He is doing flips in the air and he can glide in the air too.He also took down a cat that roams the apartment of Flora's father. Ulysses loves to type, he likes to type poems and how hungry he always is. One special thing he loves about Flora is that she has a round head. He always is craving doughnuts. Ulysses has brown fur a long bushy tail and long wiskers. He has small ears and black eyes and little claws on his hands.


The setting takes place at Flora's house and her Fathers house. At the time all the flowers are blooming and in one point of the book it rained. Flora lives with her mom at her house and her dad lives in an apartment by himself. He is devorced with her mom. At Flora's dad's apartment the guy who owns the apartment has a cat who jumps on people and attacks them. Whenever he hears somebody walking down down the hallway. At her mom's house it tis always very quiet because their's only the two of them. It's quiet there because her mom is always working on her type writer 24/7. She writes romance novels. Her dad's apartment is very small and doesn't have much furniture in it. Flora's dad is always lonely in his apartment by himself. He never talks much after his devorce and he never reads comics books with Flora.


Flora was in her bedroom and saw her auntie Tootie burst outside with a vacum while a squirrel was running around the yard. Flora shot out of the door and stopped the vacum and pulled the squirrel out of the vacum. She touches the squirrel to see if he's alive. Flora decided to keep the squirrel and named him Ulysses. After the vacum's brand name. Ulysses found flora's mom's typewriter and started typing like crazy. Later her mom tells her x-husband what to do with the squirrel since she doesn't like the squirrel living in the house. Flora and her father go to the doughnut store and Ulysses flew into the waiters hair. He crash landed into the door and he was unconcious. Flora took Ulysses to an old doctor who lived in the apartment beside her dads. Will he make it or will he die? Will flora's mom let Ulysses stay with them?


This story is a man v.s man.The conflict is that Flora's mom is trying to get rid of Ulysses because she doesn't like squirrel especialy in her house.Her mom thinks that it's bad for Flora to have a friend who's a squirrel.Her mom doesn't like squirrels and especialy in her house.Flora's mom wants to kill Ulysses.In one part of the story Flora's mom tells her x husband to kill Ulysses with a shovel and then shove him in a sack.Her mom also tried to kidnap Ulysses and return him to the wild.She especialy doesn't want Ulysses to be typing on her typewriter.She wants to kill Ulysses.



THEMEThe theme of the book is to never give up. In the book Ulysses got lost and Flora looked for him for a long time. At one point they found eachother because Flora never gave up.

Kate Dicamillo was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 25, 1964 . Raised in Clermont, Florida. She writes children and adult books. She wrote another book like The Tale of Despereaux. She is short and very loud. She hates to cook and loves to eat. Kate is always happy with a smile on her face.



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