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Weather and Climate

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What is a Flood?A flood is where land has overflowing water. This land could have been normally dry. It can involve heavy rain as well.

How a Flood Forms

Floods can form during heavy rain or ocean coming ashore. One of the other ways it could form is if a dam or levees break. Even snow melting could cause a flood and/or a flash flood too.

When and Where do Floods Occur?

Flooding occurs in every U.S. state and territory. It is a common threat occurred in any places that get rain. Dry places can flood as well.

Predicting FloodsScientists can use radar, rain gauges and satellite to predict floods. Also they could learn about a place before the flooding. They also could use the slope of the land and how much rainfall the area usually gets.

Measuring FloodsYou could measure floods by feet or inches. You would measure it in the same way that you would for rainfall. If it’s a small amount of rain than it’s not a flood.

Dangers of FloodingFirst of all your car could get engulfed by the water or you could die because of the fast moving water. It is said to be the most common cause of peoples’ deaths out of all the natural disasters.

When the Flood Ends The flood ends when the flood is over. You can’t stop a flood. You have to be patient and get to higher grounds and wait until it’s over. Flood SafetyYou are going to want to get to higher grounds. Also you should avoid areas subject to flooding. Remember: If told to evacuate, evacuate!Flood Safety KitSome things you might want to have is a first aid kit, flashlight, radio and canned food. It would also help if you have written instructions prepared. Protective clothing can also help you as well.Interesting Facts•There has been a flood inn Reno before •There are 5 different types of floods•Texas is currently having lots of floods that have 10 people missing and 17 people dead•The Yellow River (Huang He) in China has had the four deadliest flood events in world history. The floods of 1931 resulted in 1 to 4 million people being killed•Floods can damage bridges


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