Floods - Brisbane 2011

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Floods - Brisbane 2011

It was mainly the people of Brisbane that were affected. But 38 people died and there was an additional 9 that were missing. Lots and lots of people were evacuated from there homes, so they didn't have a nice, soft bed to sleep on at night.

The flood of December 2010 to January 2011 happened mainly in just Brisbane. But the rainfalls weren't only in Brisbane, the rain past several cities, including Toowoomba, Bundaberg, Rockhampton, Roma, Emerals, Dalby and Ipswich.

How high did the floods get?The height of the flood reached to approximately 4m to 5m high. But the they found that the actual height was 4.46, that like a height of a truck.

What happened?2011 the flood took over the city of Brisbane with water. Thousands of people lost there homes or left a huge mess in the house. The flood lasted a couple of months. There was a 2.38 million dollar bill for the damage it made. Lots of people couldn't do anything or go anywhere, like kids weren't able to go to school. And workers weren't able to because the flood surrounded their jobs with water. People couldn't even get or buy food bcause the shops had to be closed.

Brisbane flooding on news!

South Banks gets flooded


Brisbane, 2011

Where did it happen?

Cause of Flood

The cause of the flood wasn't just one way, there was a few ways it could of happened. The first example was probaly the sewers. If the sewers are fill with to much water already, and then came all the hard rainall, the sewers were just getting filled and filled until the water came above ground and caused the flood. Or perhaps the drains were to weak for the rain, which means that there weren't enough drains in Brisbane City to take the rain in. But our last option is El Nino and La Nina. These are two whether performances. El Nino brings droughts, and La Nina performs the floods. Brisbane was mainly getting more of La Nina and while Brisbane had floods other parts of the countries were mainly just getting drougts.

The damage of the flood that it wasn't just communities that were helping clean after, the hole entire city of Brisbane had to join together and clean up the mess. Most of the people had there homes in a mess because of the flood, and also shops and schools were closed until the mess of the flood was gone. Even the great Suncorp Stadium was full of water.

What was the damage like?

Who was affected?

Brisbane Flood Crisis

Brisbane City Flood

Brisbane homes flooded

How can people have survived the flood?There are a couple of ways to survive. Like get more sandbags, get water, food and emergency supplies ready. Maybe a emergency kit. You can buy camping blow up boats and blow up floats so if the water gets higher you can float on water. Also you can make sure you have insurance so if there is a flood you have insurance that will protect your house after the flood.


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